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New Treatment Options in Periodontal Therapy

Science and research are constantly providing the dental profession with new and innovative ways to treat disease and prolong our patient's natural dentitions. Additionally, the same science and research has allowed our profession to continue to find better ways to replace missing teeth. Below are some of the new and exciting treatment options that are now available to provide the highest quality of care in the world.

Bone Regeneration is now predictable with the use of bone graft material and provides us with the ability to treat and maintain teeth with advanced bone loss. Bone graft from registered organ donors is safe and effective way to regrow bone that has been destroyed by plaque and bacteria.

Barrier Membranes used with or without bone graft material are an additional aide to regenerate bone around teeth and in area where teeth have been missing for many years. Barrier membranes protect bone graft material, stabilized bone graft in the area of placement, and prevent gum tissue and bacterial plaque from preventing bone regeneration.

Soft Tissue Donor Grafting is a predictable way to correct anantomic defects from tooth loss or gum recession around natural teeth. We can use gum from a patient's mouth or we can now use tissue from registered organ donors to achieve the same goal. Human donor tissue is a safe and effective alternative to patient tissue and allows patient's to limit treatment to only the area of recession or tissue loss. Human donor tissue also is unlimited supply and allows us to treat multiple sites in one visit. Click here to read more about human donor tissue.

Dental Implants have become the most popular way to replace missing teeth. Implants allow patient's the ability to replace missing teeth without having to sacrifice adjacent teeth, join teeth together or wear removable appliances.

Sinus Lifting has solved the problem of limited bone for implant placement for upper back teeth. Sinus lifting is a safe and effective way to provide additional bone for implant placement.

Antibiotics have been around for decades but systemic antibiotic pills often lack the ability to reach specific sites in a patient's mouth. Antibiotic powder or antibiotic spheres can no be place into individual periodontal pockets as an adjunct with scaling and root planing or deep cleaning to help slow or stop gum pockets from deepening.