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Long Term Success is Periodonal Maintenance

The results of your periodontal therapy have successfully brought your mouth to a high level of health.  It is important that you continue to attend to your plaque control measures, as this will insure the best possible opportunity for continued maintenance of health, comfort and function.  In addition to regular dental visits, the most important single factor for success of you periodontal treatment is daily bacterial plaque control.  If you ever develop some questions regarding your home care techniques, please call our office.  If a phone call will not answer your questions, you will be invited to the office for a home care review at no cost.

Periodontal disease has the potential to recur.  It has been our experience that there will be episodes of recurrent disease, although such episodes are typically isolated.  A maintenance program involving routine monitoring of your oral condition is important, as this will facilitate prompt detection and treatment of any changes in your dental status.

At this time an alternating three month supportive maintenance program will begin.  The purpose of these visits is to monitor your periodontal condition, remove new plaque and calcified plaque and prevent possible recurrence of disease.  These visits will alternate between our office and your general dentist's office.

It has been gratifying for our office to work with you and to share in your satisfaction with the good result we have been able to achieve.  I look forward to seeing you again soon.

If we can be of additional assistance in any way, we are as close as the telephone.  If, on the other hand, you have a friend or relative who wishes a periodontal examination, we would be happy to see them upon your kind referral.  When they call, please have them us that you referred them to us so that we can thank you for your confidence.