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Periodontal Surgery

Depending on your response to nonsurgical treatment, periodontal (gum) surgery may still be necessary for access to areas of deep infection and elimination of deeper pockets.  Periodontal surgery reduces hiding places for bacteria (pockets), provides access to assure complete removal of infection, and restores a functional shape to gum tissues.  Daily hygiene become easier and more effective in removing bacterial plaque. We will describe the surgical phase in detail when we assess your healing response following nonsurgical periodontics.

Periodontal surgery is not a cure for periodontal disease, but will restore your mouth to health. With twice a day flossing and proxarushing, as well as three month dental maintenance, health can be maintained for the long term.

The objective of periodontal surgery is to provide access and visibility deep below the gum line so that remaining bacterial products can be removed from infected root surfaces and surrounding tissues.  An additional objective is to reshape the gum tissues through plastic surgery so that following healing, pockets (hiding places for bacteria) will be eliminated or reduced, enabling you to clean your mouth effectively and comfortably during your daily oral hygiene procedures.  Additionally, teeth with bone loss may be treated with bone grafts in order to regenerate bone around teeth and give them additional support.