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Diagnosis of Oral Pathology or Oral Lesions

Many patients suffer from oral discomfort due to unexplained sores, ulcers or growths. These lesions are often related to a greater medical problem and early diagnosis and treatment is critical to long term health.

Oral lesions are more likely in our elderly population due to the increased use of multiple medications. Studies have shown that more than 60 percent of drugs prescribed have orodental implications and one of 10 patients older than 35 years has at least one oral soft-tissue lesion.

Pain is the most common reason for seeking health care and soft tissue lesions and salivary gland disorders account for approximately 23 percent of all conditions treated by dentists. More than 80 percent of patients receiving care from dentists have oral diseases linked to complex medical problems.

Oral health care providers are responsible for the diagnosis of orofacial diseases and oral manifestations of systemic disease. If you are aware of any new lesions, early evaluation is critical for long term health. Many conditions have protocols to relieve discomfort, shorten the duration of illness, and in some instances, delay recurrences.

Fibroma   Pyogenic Granuloma
Lichen Planus   Lichen Planus
Papilloma   Gingivitis
Pyogenic Granuloma   Pyogenic Granuloma