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Sinus Lifting has solved the problem of limited bone for implant placement for upper back teeth. Sinus lifting is a safe and effective way to provide additional bone for implant placement. Implants need to be of a certain length and width for long term success. When teeth have been lost the sinus will expand in the upper back tooth areas. Sinus lifting by bone graft elevation restores the sinus to it's previous size and allows for implant placement and tooth replacement. There is no affect on sinus function with this procedure. The xrays below demonstrate sinus elevation for single tooth replacement and multiple tooth replacement. The dark areas are sinus space and the brighter white areas are areas of bone graft elevation and new bone formation. Click here to read more about sinus elevation treatment.

Low Sinus/Inadequate Bone   Measurement of Bone Height
Bone Graft to Elevate Sinus   Implant Placement


Large Sinus/Minimal Bone   Bone Graft to Elevate Sinus
Dental Implant Placement   Six Month Healing