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Plaque Control Recommendations


  1. Your brush should be soft, have a compact head and have round bristles.
  2. Medium and hard brushes may cause gum recession.
  3. Electric brushes are equally effective as manual brushes.  Decisions should be made on personal preference.  Interplax  the best electric brush.


  1. Unwaxed.  Manufacturer or width not important.  Unwaxed is recommended because it will produce a squeeking sound when the teeth are cleaning.  This let’s you know when it is time to stop and move to the next tooth.
  2. For patients with tight contacts between teeth we recommend Colgate's Precision or Glide by Gore-Tex  These flosses are monofilament and are the least prone to fray or shred and are easier to slide between teeth.  There is some wax in these products but regular waxed is not recommended.


  1. Any toothpaste with fluoride is acceptable.
  2. For patients with sensitive teeth prescription fluoride gels such as Gel-Kam or Prevident are best.  Sensodyne green, Protect, Dentaguard, and Dentquel have all shown some good results.
  3. Tartar control toothpaste has some benefits but it can irritate the gums.
  4. Baking soda toothpastes have shown no benefits in comparison to other brands.


  1. Listerine is the only mouthwash to have the American Dental Associations seal for effectiveness for helping kill bacteria that cause gingivitis, the earliest from of gum disease.
  2. Listerine equivalents are available in generic forms.
  3. Other mouth washes will freshen your breath but not help your  periodontal condition
  4. Some mouthwashes, such as Flourigard or Act, have floride to elp prevent cavities.

Other Instruments

  1. Proxabrushes are very effective instruments to clean between teeth and should be used twice a day.
  2. Tooth picks and stimulants have limited use.
  3. Water picks and irrigators also have limited effectiveness.


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