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Supportive Periodontal Therapy or Periodontal Maintenance Visit Protocol

  1. Review patient’s periodontal, dental and medical history
    a.  Medical condition
         Is premedication needed?
    b.  Dental condition
         Has patient followed through with restorative treatment?
    c.  Periodontal condition
         Has patient completed needed therapy?
         What treatment is still necessary?
         Are radiographs needed?

  2. During morning meeting discuss any situations with the team

  3. Patient visit
    a.  Review medical history
    b.  Ask patient for their current plaque control regimen
    c.  Soft tissue exam
    d.  Hard tissue exam - caries and missing restorations
    e.  Evaluate plaque control
    f.  Periodontal exam: chart periodontal probing, tooth mobility, and bleeding upon probing
    g. Radiographs as needed
    h.  Scale and root plane
    i.  Polish
    j.  Plaque control reinstruction
    k.  Doctor evaluation
    l.  Dismiss patient and reappoint

  4. If all procedures cannot be completed in the allotted time reschedule the patient as needed.

  5. During the visit advise the patient of your findings after each phase is completed.  Congratulate the patient for things they are doing to maintain health.  Encourage and motivate to continue good habits.  Advise and offer solutions in areas that can be improved.  Do not be judgmental or negative.  Help them focus on their goals.

  6. If some areas have yet to be treated surgically advise the patient of this need.  Reinforce that surgery is the long term solution for tooth retention.

  7. Complete SPT charting.  List the patient’s current plaque control regimen and our recommendation for the future.  Chart all periodontal pockets 4 mm. and greater.  Record tooth mobility or recession if increased from date of active therapy      completion.  Record bleeding with a "+" if found on the mesial, distal or radicular surfaces.  Place "+" on the appropriate surface area on the chart.

  8. A perio probe-pen is used for charting.  The probe can be screwed on and off.  It should cover the pen end for autoclaving charting and on the "dummy end" during charting.  Do not place in the ultrasonic cleaner.  Wipe with alcohol before autoclaving.

  9. Patients can have new brushes and floss to take home.  Use them to let the patient demonstrate their current plaque control technique.

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