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Our office is located on Main Street in Lakemont Park at 166 Lakemont Park Boulevard in Altoona, Pa 16602     Directions/Map

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  Michael L. Cohen, D.D.S.
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Pre-Visit Supportive Periodontal Therapy or Periodontal Maintenance Preparation

  1. Review medical history in chart.  Look for advanced medical conditions requiring shorter less stressful appointments.  Patients with asthma should have inhalers with them.  Patients with angina should have nitroglycerin with them patients with murmurs, mitral valve prolapse or artificial heart valves may heed prophylactic antibiotic treatment.  Any questions, discuss at morning meeting.
  2. Identify if the patient has completed planned therapy.  Compare the cover sheet and the treatment plan sheet to see if all surgeries have been completed.  If not discuss with the team if the patient is delaying treatment until the next calendar year due to insurance/financial considerations or if the patient has refused surgical therapy. Reinforce the need for surgery for definitive long-term health or reinforce the planned resumption of surgery if that is the case at the patient's appointment.  Also, reinforce planned restorative care.
  3. Indentify problem areas.  These are areas with deeper pocket, bleeding, tooth mobility, furcation invasion.

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