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Zimmer Implant Restorative Instruments

One of the advantages of Zimmer implants is simplicity and minimal instrumentation. A standard hex screw driver is the primary instrument needed. Any standard torque driver can be used to torque the hex abutment screw.

One additional Zimmer specific instrument may be needed. This instrument is called an abutment removal tool or TLRT2. This is only needed when a seated abutment needs to be removed.

Due to the friction grip interface of Zimmer implants and abutments, the abutment cannot be removed by just removing the screw. The friction lock of Zimmer implants prevents screw loosening but also requires an extra step for separation of implant and abutment.

In order to remove the abutment from the implant the following steps are needed:

1. Remove abutment screw with Hex Tool

2. Screw in the TLRT2 instrument. The TLRT2 will bottom out and push the abutment out of the implant.

Pictures and instrument numbers are listed below for you convenience. I recommend:

1. Zimmer Long Tapered Frictional Hex Tool (THXL 1.25)

2. TLRT2

3. Any make 30 N/cm Torque wrench and drivers

If you have any questions, please call the office at 814-949-2622, or our Zimmer territory representative, Matt Wilson at 724-331-6298, or Zimmer Dental at 800-854-6691.

CL after
Zimmer Implant Hex Screwdrivers and the TLRT2


CL after
Zimmer Torque Wrenches